Eyes in the Sky

Vidéo | 2017 | 03:03 | English Narration

Eyes in the Sky

Oceti Sakowin - Standing Rock, November 2016.
"The Indigenous drone flew away".

Video constructed with the narration of a drone operator (Drone2Bwild) and a drone sequence from the Indigenous Environmental Network (sourced from Indigenous Rising Media). Sources from livefeed posted on social media - in late fall 2016 at Standing Rock during the #NODAPL protest.

Oceti Sakowin Camp, Standing Rock, South Dakota – Summer and late Fall 2016. As members of diverse First Nations tribes met, gathered, and stood together to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (#NODAPL), drone footage became an important tool documenting the scope of the protest activities as well as the extreme use of force employed by authorities against protesters. Footages were posted online and [we] could follow, often in real time, what was happening on the ground.

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Distribution: GIV, Groupe Intervention Vidéo

Diffusion // Screening
2020 - SLUT ISLAND Festival. Montreal, Canada.
2020 - Plug In ICA. Winnipeg, Canada. Commissaire Nasrin Himada en collaboration avec Kristin Li.
2018 - Antimatter [Media Art] Festival. Victoria (BC), Canada. Commissaire Deborah de Boer.
2018 - Festival Images Contre Nature. Marseille, France.
2018 - WUFF - The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Winnipeg, Canada.
2018 - Moving Images Arts Festival. Toronto, Canada. Commissaires Gerda Cammaer and Pierre Tremblay.
2017 - MUFF- Montreal Underground Film Festival. Montréal, Canada.
2017 - 26 ième Éditions - Vidéos Femmes dans le Parc, GIV. Montréal, Canada. Commissaire Anne Golden.
2017 - VFP at Centre Daimon. Gatineau, Canada. Commissaire Anne Golden.

// Exposition
2019 - Games of Drones. Of unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen. Germany.
Curator Ina Neddermeyer. Excerpt from the catalogue (PDF)
> Artist fee made from this exhibition was given to the Water Protector Legal Collective.
WPLC provides legal support, advocacy, and knowledge sharing for Indigenous centered and guided environmental and climate justice movements.

2018 - Uncanny Valleys of A Possible Future. TURMOIL ‡ CTM Festival Berlin. Curator Oliver Baurhenn.